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Riot apologise for “frankly unacceptable” EU League of Legends server downtime, blame escalating player numbers


League of Legends’ EUW server has been a bit under the weather lately. For the past two-and-a-half weeks, players have felt the kick of regular service hiccups and lost ranked games to its fits of downtime.

Developers Riot have taken to their forums to apologise for an experience they acknowledge has been “intensely frustrating and frankly unacceptable”.

The rapid expansion of the game’s playerbase has “surprised and humbled” Riot, but it’s also given their servers a bit of a beating. EUW especially has grown extremely quickly and regularly breaks records for peak numbers, leaving the developers in “uncharted territory” when it comes to scaling their service.

“Occasionally this means things have broken in unexpected ways,” explained Demorphic, Riot’s European community manager. “Members of our technology team in Europe and back in Los Angeles have been hard at work to scale the infrastructure behind League of Legends and provide a game experience that meets your expectations.”

However, Riot also think they can do a better job of communicating these issues to European players. As such, they’re hiring 20 new staff for a community team in Dublin, and will be holding an AMA with some of their senior technical types this Wednesday. The Q&A will be hosted by the official LoL forums in General Discussion at 6pm BST.

By way of compensation, Riot will offer a 20-win IP boost to all players affected by the server issues that occurred between May 18 and May 30.

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“We hope you accept this as a gesture of apology for not only the most recent server issues, but also for the subpar experience players on EUW have had in recent months,” concluded Demorphic. “We want to thank you all for your understanding and for bearing with us as we battled those pesky yordles in our systems.”

Have you suffered the blow of EUW’s great boot in the last couple of weeks? Let us know. We’ll be understanding.