Riot focus their Champion Spotlight on Garen, the Might of Demacia


Garen is the pride of the Demacian military, leader of the Dauntless Vanguard and, I suppose you’d say, a man’s man. That distinction’s probably a lot like being a guitarist’s guitarist, like Steve Vai or John 5 – well-liked among cabals of males with hairy backs and beer bellies, but not necessarily anywhere else.

You might well know this already – Garen’s been in and around League of Legends since 2010. But Riot have chosen now to turn their Spotlight on the melee specialist and his tactical wardrobe.

Garen deals large amounts of rough, physical DPS, like a stubbly kiss. His repertoire incorporates shield damage reduction, a decisive execution-style attack, and the ability to ‘silence’ enemies – i.e. dramatically reduce their contribution to the fight.

Riot offer plenty of advice in the video above, but suggest Garen’s key use lies in one-on-one skirmishes and general tankiness.

“And of course there’s Judgement, his signature ability, a furious, uninterruptable damaging spin,” writes Riot’s resident shoutcaster, Phreak.

“Garen’s zero-cost spells and sturdy foundation of resistances and regeneration make for an aggressive, bullying playstyle that justifies his reputation as the most respected warrior in Demacia’s fighting elite.”

And probably also explains why he drives home from the arena alone every night. Sorry, am I extrapolating too much?