Riot pull Night Hunter Rengar skin from League of Legends test servers, refund players

Night Hunter Rengar: not currently allowed to wear his hood in public places.

Those of you who’ve been wearing Night Hunter Rengar’s skin for MOBA matches, like unusually social Buffalo Bills, will find a small pot of refunded cash where your dreadful garb once was.

The reason? Riot have been listening to feedback about the night hunter’s hood, and want to make some “technically complex” changes that involve plucking Rengar from the lanes for a short while.

Riot say they’ve received some “really great feedback” on the new skin, which features a hood that’s proven popular with testers. At the moment the head-flap is largely static – and players have suggested it might come down when Rengar uses his ultimate, or be otherwise toggled up or down like Neon Strike Vi’s sunglasses.

Riot like the sound of that, and so have pulled Night Hunter Rengar from the public test servers to work on his hood.

“Since we have a new (technically complex) idea to explore and work on, we are unfortunately going to pull Night Hunter Rengar from the PBE until we have another version suitable for testing,” wrote Riot senior QA analyst Wilwariniel. “We’re sorry about that, but we want to make sure he’s as awesome as possible!”

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For players who already purchased the skin, that means a refund in short order. Riot can’t allow them to continue loading Rengar into the game while he’s in flux, because he might cause a crash – “and that’s no bueno”.

Once the Night Hunter skin is ready for a new round of testing, Rengar will reappear on the PBE for repurchase in his “new and improved state”.

“Since you guys will have to wait a little longer for this bad boy,” finished Wilwariniel, “here’s a poem:

Knife kitty,

night kitty,

put you on a slab.

Stealthy kitty,

hunter kitty,

stab stab stab.”

The freedom Riot give their staff to talk to players directly: leads to some weird stuff, doesn’t it?

Thanks, Reign of Gaming.