Riot servers hacked, advise you change LoL password immediately


It seems like no matter which game you play, if there are account details, eventually you’re going to get an email coming through telling you to change your password because of a security breach. Riot has been the latest victims, and while they’re stating that there has been no billing or payment information compromised, they do advise that you change your password immediately to avoid any chance that the hackers decrypt the stored data and gain access to your account.

Riot have issued a statement that reads: “Hackers gained access to certain personal player data contained in certain EU West and EU Nordic and East databases”. As for what was the hackers managed to get their hands on, “the most critical data accessed included email address, encrypted account password, summoner date of birth, and – for a small number of players – first and last name and encrypted security question and answer”. With an active player base of over ten million, that’s going to be a very large amount of people affected.
On top of that, make sure to be extra vigilant for phishing emails, as your email address might now be doing the rounds in the grimy black market, getting to know all sorts of unsavoury sorts.