Riot takes down scam site


Riot have beaten a scam site in court that was claiming to be League of Legends support, using the name to con people into downloading malicious software and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Not only have they had the site legally shut down, but they’ve also gained control of the domain that was causing so many issues. This comes off the back of League of Legend’s servers being hacked over the weekend. 

It seems less like retaliation than providence, as while there’s doubtless many people who tried to contact support over the course of the whole hacking problem, court cases don’t happen over the course of a weekend, so this has clearly been in motion for a while. Regardless, when is the official page, having the scam site be just a hyphen away from that is bound to trick more than a few people. Although I wouldn’t advise visiting the wrong one just yet, because while they’re having it taken down, it’s still there for the moment, still trying to get you to download bad things onto your nice computer.

If you haven’t already, do change your password, because that hack might well have compromised your current information. Better safe than stuck with Fifth Age Taric on your account for the rest of time.

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