Riot tease new League of Legends champion: Nami, the little mermaid


Riot are teasing another League of Legends character, a support champion. I say ‘support champion’, but I really mean a fancy looking mermaid princess. She’s called Nami, she commands water using her fishy instincts, and LoL’s lead content designer is at hand (or should that be fin, hah! Haha!) to explain what a ‘support champion’ is when it’s not at home, just in case there’s any confusion.

Nami is of the “regal mermaid” archetype, bringing a combination of healing anddefensive utility as well as an offensive setup that features a “skillshot-style paradigm”. She’s the first of a range of support characters Riot intend to bring to League of Legends, and she arrives alongside a raft of new support items also being introduced.

The new character will be detailed further over the coming days, and will be available on the public beta realm shortly. For now, you can read about her on the Riot forum.