Super Hexakill: League of Legends gains six-player mode on February 20

Six to a team sort of changes the nature of teamfights, to say the least.

“Five to a team just wasn’t enough,” say Riot of their new mode. They’re not throwing out the principles of lane-based heckling, of course, but introducing a new Featured Gameplay mode – one of the playable experiments that Riot rotate in and out of circulation like Left 4 Dead’s mutations.

This one adds an additional player to each team, to make up a new total of six. In a game where miniscule itemisation edits regularly wreak far-reaching consequences, there’s no way it won’t change everything.

The map and its rules will remain as were – but double junglers, roaming supports and “six man wombo combos” are all viable new options as of next Thursday.

“Experiment with team comps and discover new metas,” suggest Riot, “as you seek to hear the ultimate announcement, ‘Hexakill’.”

What is it with hexes? Civilization caused a community kerfuffle when it made the leap from square maps to six-sided grids in its last iteration, and the shape brought on a kind of temporary addiction in our Jules upon the release of Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon.

What do you anticipate thealmost-occult magic of the number six will do to LoL?