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Leaked screenshots show XCOM FPS may have become a third person shooter


Despite being announced before Firaxis’ spiritual successor to the X-COM games, 2K Marin’s FPS re-imagining is a long way from release. There’s no launch date for our calenders and no demo code for our reviewers. In fact, it’s been quiet on the title’s front for months now. This could largely be the result of a major development shift: leaked screenshots suggest the game has moved to a third person perspective.

More on this below.

Kotaku are saying the below images are from a 2K marketingsurvey:

Now, this could all be a spoof. Though, if that’s the case, someone has gone to a lot of effort to create images thatfit well with the proposed 1950s style of Marin’s game.

The change seems to have taken something of the recent Ghostbusters game and used the perspective to emphasise the squad-based nature of the X-COM titles.

We’ll be looking into this ourselves but Kotaku have had a big fat”it is our policy not to comment on rumors or speculation” from 2K.