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Left 4 Dead 2’s City 17 campaign hits Steam Workshop


It won’t surprise you to learn that City 17 is one of Left 4 Dead 2’s most popular mod campaigns. Now it’s arrived on Steam Workshop, all it takes is a cursory push of the ‘Subscribe’ button to revisit a version of Viktor Antonov’s totalitarian masterpiece populated by a very different set of monsters.

The mod features environments and music adapted from Half Life 2: Episode 1, and takes players through an artfully devastated city centre to the train station, where they’ll make their escape.

In case of crashes, the mod’s creator – known as よし よし – recommends turning off any other add-ons you might be running and checking the integrity of your game files. And one more thing: City 17 reportedly works best without modded servers. Download it here.

See those familiar streets repurposed below:








What’s more preferable to have all up in your grill? A boomer, or a rocket-toting strider? I can’t decide.