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Legacy of Kain domain registered, likely by Square Enix


Begin preparing your huzzahs. A website domain called www.warfornosgoth.com was recently registered by a brand protection agency previously used by Square Enix. This suggests, but does not confirm, that Square Enix are at work on new title in the Legacy of Kain series.

Fingers crossed and further details below.

Legacy of Kain:Defiance, out in 2003, was the last time we saw either vampire generalKain or his lieutenantRaziel and it’s been a damn long wait ever since. So the news that Square Enix may be looking into a sequel or a Tomb Raider-esque reboot is welcome. Unfortunately, while it is easy to get carried away with the site registration this shouldn’t be confused for some kind of confirmation. Square Enix may simply be safeguarding their property.

The facts as they stand is that www.warfornosgoth.comwas created on the 7 February and is registered to CSC Global. CSC act as a masking company, if you want to register a domain but you don’t want your fingerprints all over it you go to a company like CSC who will register it on your behalf. Now, normally a brand protection company should be difficult to link to the client employing them. However, often companies use the same masking company regularly. So, when Square Enix told IGN that it was working on a game called Murdered: Soul Suspectand pointed them to a website called www.murdered.com, a website that had beenregistered by CSC, we can say for certain that Square Enix have worked with CSC before. Therefore it is likely that Square Enix are behind www.warfornosgoth.com too.

I’ll see if I can dig out anything more tangible.

The site was spotted by Super Annuation and then picked up by VG247, many thanks you lovely people.