Lego Batman 2 launch trailer is proof that Batman can be funny


If there’s one thing I thought would certainly ruin the Lego games’ uniquely absurd and irreverent brand of brick-humour, it’s the addition of voice acting. This Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes trailer absolutely proves me wrong though. Voices make Lego games even better! And funnier! There’s even a decent chance Lego Batman 2 will make you belch out an unsanctioned chortle by the time it’s finished showing off. Have a look.

The wonderfully subversive sight gags are still here in force, the sort of winking satire that you’d presume has no right being in a Lego game. Superman’s ice-breath coats an enemy in translucent Lego bricks, the Batmobile is gradually dismantled mid-chase scene, it’s brilliantly silly stuff indeed.
The game itself is an open-world take on the traditional stage-based, unlockable-focused Lego games – a primary-coloured tonic in the wake of all the E3 blood, boobs and swearing. It’s out on Friday.