Lego The Hobbit trailer introduces you to the ragtaggle crew you’ll control

Lego the hobbit traveller's Tales

The Lego games continue to be the finest thing to come from Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit (that compliment carries varying degrees of weight depending on your opinion of the films). The latest trailer introduces the different characters you’ll be controlling, in particular the group of dwarfs that accompany Bilbo in his quest into Smaug’s lair.

With familiar panache, here’s the new Lego trailer:

The Lego games have remained consistently great throughout their development. While the games are occasionally outstanding, they’re always at least good. The Hobbit looks to continue that tradition, adding more character to the dwarfs in this two minute trailer than Peter Jackson’s managed in his two three hour films.

The game is due on the 11 April. It will cover the story of the first two films – a bit odd, considering the studio will undoubtedly create a game to cover the third film. It might have made more sense to release two separate games or one that covers all three films. Whatever the case, them’s the facts.