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Lego Legends of Chima Online blends base-building, exploration, and combat


Lego Legends of Chima Online has you build bases, solve puzzles, and crack skulls. Sure, it’s aimed at three year olds but it looks pretty neat, like a free-to-play MMO version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Awesome.

You’re in charge of building an outpost on the land of Chima, a world being fought over by different tribes, and kitting out your own warrior with which to explore the wilderness and attack the other tribes. According to the fact sheet you’ll “design and build your Outpost to suit your playing style and build your own weapons, armor and gadgets with bricks collected while adventuring in the land of Chima” – seeing that Lego is at the core of this game, hopefully this means you’ll have a fairly robust set of tools and freedom within which to use them

There clearly seems a split between how you’ll spend your time, between building your base and exploring a large world, solving puzzles and cracking skulls (though how much skull cracking will be going on is difficult to say, what with target audience’s age). It sounds like an ambitious game, though. Somewhat like the genre-blenders of the early 2000s, games like Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Sacrifice.

Legends of Chima is due to enter open beta in July. You can sign up over here.