LEGO Lord of the Rings to feature open world


I can’t say that LEGO and Lord of the Rings are a match made in heaven, because if the Dutch maunfacturer has proven anything it’s that LEGO matched with anything is awesome. Though, Tolkein’s universe in brick form sure is proving a delight, all the more so now that we know that world’s open for the wandering.

So the news comes via press release that you can “Explore all
of the open-world of Middle-earth,” experiencing “epic battles with Orcs,
Uruk-hai, the Balrog, the Witch-king, and other fearsome creatures.” Taking control of more than 80 different characters in your quest.

There’s also crafting. Because that’s a la mode.

As previously written, the game also features dialogue from the film copy and pasted over the cuboid mouths.

So, this is what we’re getting in lieu of a Skyrim mod in the same universe.