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Lego Marvel Super Heroes features a Hulk-muscled, Spiderman-abilitied Stan Lee


Like a transformer, there’s more to Stan Lee than meets the eye. As well as coming up with some of the most iconic comic book characters and making Marvel what it is today, Stan Lee apparently has the strength of Hulk and the web-swinging skills of Spiderman. At least, his Lego videogame avatar does, and that thing’s based on real life, right?

Speaking at Comic Con, Marvel revealed a whole set of new heroes and villains that will be appearing in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

  • Dr. Doom

  • Jean Grey

  • Elektra, Magneto

  • Silver Samurai

  • The Punisher

  • Beast

  • Gambit

  • Storm

  • Green Goblin

  • Juggernaut

  • Rhino

  • The Thing

  • Vulture

  • Sabretooth

  • Invisible Woman

  • Deadpool

  • Howard the Duck

  • Squirrel Girl

As well as those super types is a hero of a less empowered nature: Agent Coulson, of Iron Man and Avengers fame.

If you pre-order the game then you’ll unlock Iron Patriot.

Stan Lee will appear also, hopped to the nines on powers – wielding the strength of the Hulk and the web-swinging tomfoolery of Spiderman. So, after all this time, it comes out that Stan Lee was simply drawing inspiration from his own life and mutated body for his characters. Still, this shouldn’t come as a surprise: The Simpsons called it years ago:

Marvel’s Chris Baker said that these characters are “a mere fraction of the characters” that will appear in the final game.

New footage of the game in action was shown, too:

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