Lego Marvel Super Heroes footage; marvel at big Hulk


Mere mortals everywhere have been ground to a halt by the snow. It’s blocked our drains, frozen our roads, chilled our vegetable plots. Who can save his from our plight? Certainly not the villainous Snowman, he simply stands in the garden, triumphant. Each falling snowflake merely makes him stronger, expands his frozen empire, tightening his grasp upon our fair land.

Thank goodness then for Traveler’s Tales, behind the doors of their development tower they’ve been recruiting special figurines from all walks of life, secretly training them to combat the forces of Snowman. And while they’re still not ready to rid the world of his cold grip, this first footage provides a slim glimmer of hope that one day, one day we’ll be free to plant root vegetables again.

While the footage doesn’t show any finalised gamefootage, instead showing screen grabs from in-development sections of the game, we can already see something of how each of the different Marvel superheroes are being realised: Spiderman can leap from wall to wall, clinging to the surface with his webby fingertips (let’s forget for a moment that Lego characters have hooks for hands and not fingers); Hulk is brought to life as a chunky Lego figurine, standing twice as tall as the others.

In some respects Hulk breaks the verisimilitude of the Lego games, by having an outsize character he no longer fits into the fiction, for a start, you wouldn’t be able to put a standard Lego pirate hat on his swelled noggin. Though the simple fact that he’s being presented as this style of outsider does fit his character. He is meant to be a freak among men, even among supermen.

We still don’t have an exact release date but Traveler’s Tales are aiming for Autumn this year.