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Lego Marvel Super Heroes trailer is chock full of familiar faces


The latest trailer of Lego Marvel Super Heroes is full of action, smashing of faces, and little jokes, you could say it’s far from Loki… geddit? like low-key but it’s the name of one of the characters. This, this is exactly why puns are awful.

There have been so many Lego games released that you’d think we’d be growing tired of them by now. I mean, just how many franchises can be turned into plastic bricks before we take to the nearest rooftop and cry “Enough”? Clearly, Traveler’s Tales have yet to reach that magic number because Lego Marvel Super Heroes looks grand.

I’m still not convinced the switch to actual dialogue was the right move. I really liked the incoherent mutterings of the early games but the agility which the developer displays in changing between subject licenses is refreshing; it wasn’t very long ago that they were working with DC, Marvel’s rival.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is due out towards the end of this year.