New indie horror game has more players than DBD, rated 10/10 on Steam

Dead by Daylight, perhaps the best-known multiplayer horror game, faces rivalry from a new indie with more players and a 10/10 Steam rating.

Lethal Company Dead by Daylight: Two workers from indie horror game Lethal Company

When you hear ’multiplayer horror,’ no doubt the first game that springs to mind is Dead by Daylight. Of course, there are others. Phasmophobia, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sons of the Forest. But it’s DBD that embodies and encapsulates the pillars of the genre. BHVR’s superlative online slasher continues to surge on Steam, but there’s a new indie horror that’s suddenly blowing up, with more players, and a huge 10/10, ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating after thousands of reviews. You might have heard of Lethal Company by now. But it’s such a hit, it’s even beating Dead by Daylight.

The set up is thus. As contractors working for the metaphorical but nevertheless eponymous Lethal Company, you and your online pals enter abandoned bases on forsaken, empty moons and have to recover as much salvage and goodies as you can before things get…well, lethal. A co-operative horror game in the spirit of DBD, Phasmophobia, and more, Lethal Company has a superb gimmick in how it uses voice communications. Everything you do in Lethal Company, including talking, requires tools – if you stray too far from your friends and haven’t used some of your in-game cash to buy a radio, you’re on your own, and ripe for the picking…

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You can also assign team members to remain back on the ship, guiding the rest of the squad via CCTV cameras to help them avoid traps and ambushes. In short, Lethal Company is a terrific new spin on multiplayer horror, and it seems the world of Steam agrees. As of this writing, on Thursday November 16, Lethal Company has hit a peak, 24-hour player count of 57,564. Dead by Daylight meanwhile is at 37,852.

Lethal Company Dead by Daylight: A comparison of two horror games on Steam, Lethal Company and Dead by Daylight

Released in October, Lethal Company also drew more players than DBD on November 15, November 14, and November 13, as word of mouth seemingly pushes the indie horror up the Steam charts. With 12,675 user reviews so far, Lethal Company has also achieved the coveted ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating on Valve’s store, providing it an aggregated score of 10/10. Halloween might be behind us, but if you haven’t tried it yet, Lethal Company is looking like the next horror darling.

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