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How to beat a Lethal Company Forest Keeper

Surprisingly, the Lethal Company Forest Keeper is not even close to the most deadly creature, but can still kill you if you’re not careful.

A Lethal Company Forest Keeper surrounded by trees.

How do you survive the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company? This giant Ent-like creature is perhaps one of the most terrifying when you first see it looming on the horizon or crawling out of the waters of a flooded moon. Your first instinct might be to panic, but stay cool, and you can survive the Forest Keeper.

There is a vast range of creepy and terrifying Lethal Company monsters waiting to interrupt your work for The Company. Your job in the survival game is to gather scrap and sell it for a profit, but that would be easy money if there weren’t something standing in your way. If that something – quite literally – standing in your way is the Forest Keeper, here’s some advice on how to avoid it and make it back to the Lethal Company base alive.

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How to beat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company

The Forest keeper can’t be defeated by the player in Lethal Company, but it can be avoided. If you see one looming around, simply duck behind trees and stay out of its line of sight. By doing this and only moving when it has its back to you, you can safely make it back to your ship alive.

The Forest Keeper can be killed, but you might not like how. You see, the massive Forest Keeper is only prey to something much bigger than itself, and can be eaten by an Earth Leviathan. You don’t really ever want to be in a situation where you’re flanked by both though, so let’s just hope you don’t ever have to see that.

If you end up too close to the Forest Keeper, the giant simply picks you up and eats you. As you can read in its bestiary entry, Forest Keepers “eat anything they find fascinating,” as they “exhibit a curious behavior similar to that of a human child the age of 5 or 6,” despite the fact that they don’t actually need to eat to survive.

Now you know how to avoid the Lethal Company Forest Keeper, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting back to base and earning that cash. Well, unless you come across any of the other horrible monsters, that is. If you find the creepy space game a little too terrifying, there are plenty of other great multiplayer games for you to try out that aren’t quite as deadly.