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Lethal League is a fighting game about launching a ball into your opponent’s face

Lethal League upholds the proud fighting game tradition of allowing two players to select the same character - in different palettes.

Lethal League is a faux-16-bit fighting game in which, ideally, you’ll never touch another soul. It’s a Nidhogg that subscribes to the Hollywood notion that all teen problems can be solved over a totally awesome sports match.

It looks totally awesome. Dude: check it out.

Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game which provides literal justification for the putdown, “in your FACE”.

You’ll hop about a 2D arena wielding a bat, smacking a ball at your opponent’s head – and swatting it away when it comes back to thwack you in the chops.

“Lethal League first gained notoriety when it was featured as the grand final ‘Mystery Game’ on [Chicago digital fighting event] UFGT9,” explain developers Reptile Games.

“It quickly became clear that the extreme nature of the game, mixed with the stylized street visuals and chip-hop music hit a sweet spot with the crowd.”

Throughout development, the plan has been to couple the “mad art” and “banging beats” with tightly competitive online multiplayer for up to four batters – and “no weak shit”.

From the looks of it Reptile have succeeded, and will release Lethal League on Steam at some point in the Autumn. Do you like the cut(s) of(/on) its jib?