Lewt is Blizzard’s Christmas present to you: a papercraft Diablo III treasure goblin

Reaper of Souls

Lewt (rhymes with ‘loot’ and a side order of ‘ew’, obviously) is the only papercraft Diablo III treasure goblin you should be considering printing this Christmas. His complimentary grey complexion and lidless, glowing yellow eyes make him the perfect tree-top number for the contemporary Yuletiders who keep demon-killing in the family.

You’ll only need spare a piece of paper or two.

Designed by Blizzard’s Dana Pull, Matt Worcester, and Kimberly ‘Vaeflare’ LeCrone, Lewt can be printed in two sizes alongside his papercraft treasure bag.

You’ll find detailed assembly instructions on the Diablo blog. For best results, Blizzard recommend that you avoid glossy paper, score the folds first, and use liquid glue rather than paste or tape. They also namecheck X-ACTO knives, but you won’t use them – you’ll use scissors, like a person might.

“Once both papercrafts have been assembled, customize your Lewt by adding different spoils to his Treasure Bag,” suggest Blizzard. “Treasure Goblins are collectors by nature, so the more bounties you can gather for Lewt, the better!”

Where will you put your chocolate coins come tomorrow otherwise?