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Life is Strange: Before the Storm won’t let you rewind your mistakes

Life is Strange 2

In the new Life is Strange, we’ll be playing as Chloe three years before the events of the first game. That means Max is away, Chloe is discovering her rebellious side, and nobody can control time with their mind. 

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The game will take place over three episodes instead of five, and it’s being created by Deck 9, instead of original developers DontNod. You can see that they’re still very passionate about the world in the video above, however.

Ashly Burch, the voice actress who plays Chloe, has also been helping out as a writing consultant, to make sure her character is consistent with who she becomes in Life is Strange.

Chloe is 16-years-old when we join her in-game, but the subjects it will be touching aren’t juvenile. As you can tell by the sad voice man in the video, this will be a game that hits you straight in the feels.