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Life Is Strange: Episode 3 trailer explores Chaos Theory

Life Is Strange ep3

When our Fraser reviewed the first episode of Life Is Strange, he said it was a supernatural Veronica Mars. That comparison has never felt as suitable as in the trailer for the game’s third episode, which features lots of snooping around the high school after dark, using flashlights to seek through filing cabinets. 

Life Is Strange really seems to have captured the imagination of lots of gamers, with supporters seeing it as the indie-feeling alternative to Telltale’s more Hollywood-style interactive dramas. The third episode is called Chaos Theory, and just like the Splinter Cell game of the same name, is most likely not going to explore the mathematical field of chaos theory at all. Because of course, Life Is Strange is all into arts and photography, not hard science. Gosh darn it.

Life Is Strange Episode 3 is out tomorrow, so just hold out a little longer for the next dose of time-bending teen drama.