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Brand new cozy farming indie is now on Steam, and it has mechs

Restore a gorgeous planet and customize your mech in space-exploring game Lightyear Frontier, coming to Steam and Game Pass on March 19.

Lightyear Frontier Release

If piloting your own mech across an unexplored planet sounds like your thing, Lightyear Frontier is the game to look out for. Arriving on Steam and PC Game Pass on March 19, this co-op game allows you and up to three friends to roam around, start a space farm, and build stuff freely – but make no mistake, this is no space exploitation game, as the main goal is to bring the planet back to its former lush-green glory.

We’re not exactly suffering from a shortage of farming games on the PC, but Lightyear Frontier has enough reasons to excite your life-sim-loving heart. This interstellar adventure promises a peaceful experience free of combat, so you should expect more chilling and less stressing about monsters or gear. Sounds a bit Animal Crossing-inspired, if you ask me.

The calm and quiet doesn’t mean there’s no work to be done, however, as you’re in charge of saving a planet from invasive plants and pollution. Between the farming and exploring, you will also get the opportunity to build a fancy homestead – just don’t expect any noisy villagers to drop by.

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Keep in mind that Lightyear Frontier releases in early access, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the finished version of the game. If that doesn’t bother you, you can get the game on Steam or, if you have a subscription, find it on Game Pass.

If you do choose to dive in, we have a rundown of where to get the elusive Red Crystal Dust in Lightyear Frontier, as well as a guide to help you build the Lightyear Frontier merchant landing.

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