Link GMG up to your Steam account and they’ll give you Post Apocalyptic Mayhem for free

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem: no time for hyphens.

Green Man Gaming are the nice website we’ve had past dealings with who quite often sell Steam keys for a little bit cheaper than Steam do. They’re currently pushing the Rewards beta for their Playfire gaming social network, and would quite like it if you linked your existing Steam account with one of theirs.

“What’$ in it for me?”, you might say, as if struggling to feel out an ‘evil’ route through an RPG. Well, here’s what: a game about wacky racing through Fallout 3 Land to thrash metal – and the potential for more.

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is, I gather, sort of like Twisted Metal – only everybody’s facing the same way, and determined to the point of risking death to get around a stretch of road for some reason.

It looks and sounds like this.

GMG have 50,000 copies of this thing, and they’re willing to give you one if you’ll only sign up for the Playfire Rewards beta – which, actually, is a pretty fascinating prospect in itself.

Playfire offer GMG credit for unlocking their Rewards – built with the aim of “incentivising gameplay” on Steam. You might start up Post Apocalyptic Mayhem for the first time, for instance. That’s 50p, well done. Then you might kill 10 opponents in one race in Arcade mode. Congratulations, that’s another 10p.

I am not making these up. GMG have given out 100,000 daily rewards to date, which eventually add up to proper game purchases.

So: if you’re happy to merge the pleasure and gain parts of your brain, you can get something for playing. Which is, presumably, what you do anyway. Free games, anyone?

Go hereto make it happen!