A little announcement: we now have a forum

Um, hi.


A little while ago we asked you about the kind of things you’d like us to do to make the site better. A new comment engine was top of the list, along with a better way to log in to the site. I wanted to quickly keep you up to date about where we’ve got to and what we’re doing next. 

We’ve improved the comment engine quite a bit – we can now vote up and down on comments, reply and all that jazz. There’s also quite a few improvements to our login – at least now you shouldn’t be bounced to your profile when you log in. 

We’ve also just deployed a forum. There’s a button for it, right at the top of the site. On the left.

The forum is a bit of an experiment/hack, and I wanted to explain exactly what we’ve done, and why.

The forum we’re using is an extension of our existing platform. It’s not vBB or any other off the shelf forum plugin, and it doesn’t quite work in the same way. If you create a forum post in this forum, you’re essentially creating an editorial post with a comments thread.

We’ve done it this way for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s quite easy for us to build. Secondly, we want to be able to feature the content you make on our homepage, in the same way we push feeds and user submissions – doing it like this makes a little bit of sense. Finally, if it doesn’t work, we can work on theming and improving it so it feels closer to a traditional game forum.

So, think of it as a bit of a work in progress; one that we want to make better with you. If there are features that you want from other forums, just say, either below, or in the forum itself.

Most of all, though, we want it to be a fun place – so we’ll be using it to organise a few game nights and online meetups.

The next job for Pete, our developer, is to work further on the login. And we want to build some cool toys for you to play that connect with Steam.

As ever, if you want to chat, my email is [email protected]