Wii RTS-slash-town builder Little King’s Story makes royal PC debut on August 5

Little King's Story

The formerly Wii-exclusive RTS-lite Little King’s Story will arrive on PC August 5 with a HD graphics update and controller support.

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With its original debut on Nintendo’s hit console in 2009, Little King’s Story is full of the sort of charm you’d expect from the kid friendly company, despite being developed by third-party studio Cing and Town Factory.

It looks a lot like Animal Crossing and all those calming life simulator games, but pits you as the tiny king of this world, Corobo, who is tasked with persuading townies to go on bloodthirsty campaigns to expand the kingdom.

There’s some resource gathering and fighting and town upkeep sorts of things, so if you ever felt like you’d enjoy Animal Crossing, but Stardew Valley was a little too passive for you then this might scratch an itch.

As well as hot new graphics that didn’t exist when the Wii came out, there are Steam achievements and Xinput as well as DirectInput controller support.

Little King’s Story will be available from Humble Store, Steam and GOG, with a launch week discount of 10% off list prices of $24.99 (£18.99).