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Is Little Kitty Big City on Game Pass?

Find out if Little Kitty Big City will be on Game Pass from day one, so you’ll have access to the best feline adventure from the off.

Little Kitty Big City: a black cat with green eyes stares at the screen.

Will Little Kitty Big City be on Game Pass? All’s furr in love and war, that’s what we’re told, and this kitty’s adventure through a sprawling metropolis has certainly given us paws for thought. You play as a kitty, obviously, and you’re lost in the, you guessed it, big city. Finding your way back home isn’t as easy as it may seem – there are so many birds to chase, keyboards to sit on, and boxes to nap inside.

While Little Kitty Big City lumps you with the very important task of getting home, that won’t stop our protagonist from having a little fun along the way. The adventure game sees our furry companion jostle with the local birds, have a verbal sparring match with a rather large dog, and wear a multitude of adorable hats. One of the best PC games ever, surely.

Little Kitty Big City game pass: a cat wearing a funny hat, and a menu showing other, equally funny hats.

Will Little Kitty Big City be on Game Pass?

Yes, Little Kitty Big City is available on Game Pass for anyone with an active subscription from day one. It will be released on PC and Xbox consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch.

Now that you Game Pass players know you’ll be able to play Little Kitty Big City as soon as it’s released, you can start planning your purrfect outfit, the most ideal nap spot, and of course, finding a way back home. Probably.

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