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Love Loadout? You can play the campaign beta on Steam for free

Loadout Campaign

We loved it in our Loadout review, so we’re super excited to try out the new co-op campaign mode that’s just hit Steam. You’ll battle a menace known as the Kroad – vile aliens that pastimes include that of wiping out humanity and constructing robotic minions to do more of the same.

With a new progression system, new modes and revamped inventory management, there’s a boatload more to do in Loadout.

You and some ragtag friends will battle the Kroads over a number of different missions. These missions increase with difficulty and have different objectives e.g. Alien Assault, Hold Your Pole and Protect Your Junk. You can also earn experience in PVP too to help your alien vendetta, so you’re not forced to play PVE exclusively if you don’t want to.

The Kroad will have a chance to drop some shiny loot too. These will help strengthen and define your prefered role as you upgrade your weapons and gear. Each loot has it’s own rarity now, so there’s even more ways to obliterate your enemies. If you have too much loot on your hands, you can also take advantage of the new Fusion system to recycle some of it and upgrade weapons and gear you care about.

Head over here to try it out for free.