Logitech’s brand new Pro Wireless gaming mouse was the OWL MVP’s weapon of choice

Logitech has released the Pro Wireless gaming mouse, and it's already winning esports accolades

Logitech Pro Wireless gaming mouse

Logitech’s already onto a winner with its Pro Wireless gaming mouse. Despite only launching yesterday, the new esports-friendly mouse was used by Overwatch League players Profit, this season’s MVP, and Gesture as they battled their way to the coveted title of inaugural season OWL winners for London Spitfire.

We just got back from trying the mouse out for ourselves, and it’s evident that the company takes the advice it receives from the pros to heart. The Pro Wireless gaming mouse even ditches popular features such as a DPI switch, usually located underneath the scroll wheel, in favour of a DPI button on the underside of the mouse – just because the pros said they usually disabled the switch in fear of accidentally hitting it anyways.

Logitech’s own top end Hero optical sensor is the core component of the Pro Wireless. We’ve seen this sensor once before, albeit in a rather more tame design, with the G603. Despite the battery being considerable cut down compared to the G903, mostly in an effort to save weight, the battery life hasn’t suffered thanks to the Hero’s power-conscious design.

You can also crank the Hero sensor up to 16,000 DPI, and with the Lightspeed Wireless tech, it’s going to be almost indiscernible from a wired alternative when it comes to speed and latency.

Overwatch League grand final

But before I go any further. Yes, it is ambidextrous. It’s actually semi-modular when it comes to the button layout, and the two thumb switches on either side of the mouse can be replaced by blank covers so no matter whether you’re a righty or lefty, you won’t be smashing random buttons with your palm in-game.

The weight played a large factor in the rest of the design as well. Logitech saw fit to shave off the bulk of the outer shell and instead opt for one just 1mm thick to keep the mouse around 80g in weight. To keep it still tough enough to survive a gaming session with even the most volatile gamers around, however, Logitech also fitted the Wireless Pro with a lightweight endoskeleton to prop it up from the inside. Regardless, I wouldn’t throw the Pro Wireless around too much.

“Having such a lightweight wireless mouse that I knew I could depend on made a huge difference for me at the championship,” Profit, London Spitfire’s DPS player, says. “It helped me win the MVP. It’s a god mouse.”

And all that will cost you $149. I’m told the price is down to the thin body, whose intricate design comes at a premium due to yields, etc. For those not fussed on wireless, there’s always the cheaper wired Pro Gaming mouse, which has also been updated to the Hero sensor, and is available for $70.