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Logitech Spotlight: gain a tactical edge over your competition

Logitech G Pro gaming mouse

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Video games are a serious business, and if you’re playing to win then you don’t want to be up against an opponent with better gear than you. Your headline hardware – your CPU and GPU – might be up to speed, but there’s more to a winning system than what’s in the big box.

Just as important is your mouse. You wouldn’t turn up to a competition with an archaic rubber ball model clogged with years of accumulated grime, but if you’re using the standard optical mouse that came with your system then you’ll be at a distinct disadvantage against top-flight players who know that the right hardware matters.

To turn the odds in your favor, you need a high-end gaming mouse that’s built for performance, and if you want that without breaking the bank then there’s only one choice: the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse.

Trusted by top eSports athletes playing for millions, it’s a professional-grade mouse that’ll never let you down, no matter how high the stakes. It boasts the ultimate responsiveness, and fast, accurate and reliable click performance that’s down to the technology inside the left and right buttons.

Logitech G Pro mouse

Each features a metal spring tensioning system that reduces the pre-travel distance between buttons and switches, and also reduces the force required to click. The result is a clean and crisp click feel with rapid feedback, faster recovery after each click and a lower and more consistent click force, enabling you to settle into your gaming rhythm in the knowledge that every click’s going to count.

And no matter how twitchy the game, the Pro Gaming Mouse will keep up with your every move. Its PMW3366 optical sensor is the most accurate in the business, delivering amazing tracking accuracy and responsiveness, regardless of how intense the action is. It has zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range – from 200 to 12,000 DPI – and if that’s not good enough for you then you can tune the sensor to your playing surface using Logitech Gaming Software for even better speed and accuracy; perfect if you’re aiming for a Play of the Game in Overwatch.

Its lightweight design makes it a perfect fit regardless of your mouse grip style and its 6 programmable buttons mean you can have complex, game-changing macros right at your fingertips.

In short, the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is a gaming beast that combines competition-caliber performance with best-in-class build quality, and all for an affordable price. If you want the tactical edge in your next match, order now before the opposition does.