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Logitech Spotlight: win more with the G Pro Gaming Mouse

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It’s easy to claim that a bad workman blames his tools, but turn it around and you’ll find that no matter how good you are at something, if you have inadequate tools then they’re going to hamper your performance. And this is as true for gaming as it is for everything else. You might have pro skills, but when it comes to the crunch your hardware can let you down.

Hardcore gamers demand hardcore hardware, and for competition-level gaming you need a mouse that can cope with the pace. Logitech’s G Pro Gaming Mouse is a high-performance mouse built for the rigors of pro gaming and trusted by top eSports athletes.

At its heart is the PMW3366 optical sensor, the best gaming mouse sensor on the market. Designed to precisely capture your every move, it boasts exceptional tracking accuracy and consistent responsiveness at any speed, and features zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range.

While the optical sensor is ensuring that you’re on target, you can be certain that every click will count thanks to the Pro Gaming Mouse’s button tensioning. Both the left and right buttons feature an advanced tensioning system, which translates into a crisp, clean click feel with rapid click feedback.It helps reduce the pre-travel distance between buttons and switches and also reduces the force required to click. This means you can click faster and shave precious milliseconds off your response time in any situation, enough to make a difference in fast-paced MOBAs where every millisecond matters.

If you’re serious about your gaming then you need the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse in your life. It’s designed to reward your hard-earned skills with best-in-class performance that’ll give you that vital extra edge, whatever you’re playing, and it’s built to last. Get yourself armed with one here before your opponents do.