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Logitech Spotlight: light up the competition in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

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Imagine for a second that you’re playing EA’s hit, Battlefield 1, on your current PC. Now, look down at your keyboard. Are your fingers resting on the WASD keys of an RGB enabled Logitech keyboard like the G810 Orion Spectrum Battlefield 1 Edition? If you answered yes then you’ve probably thanked the custom color profiles multiple times for saving your bacon in an intense firefight.

G810 Orion Spectrum Battlefield 1 Edition

The Color Of Victory

Battlefield 1 skirmishes can be chaotic affairs, so you’ll need every edge you can get to survive. Logitech designed the RGB system to work in concert with the game’s graphics and sounds to quickly alert to important in-game information. For instance, the keys will flash green when you’re hit by an enemy gas attack and the all-important gas mask button will light up, letting you find it that much quicker. The same goes for flames, which will cause the RGB system to shower your battlestation in various hues of red, orange, and yellow.

The use of color also extends to the peripherals themselves. The special Battlefield 1 Edition peripherals all have a dramatic color scheme and design inspired by the game itself. This ensures that the Battlefield 1 kit, which includes the G810 keyboard, G Pro gaming mouse, G633 Artemis headset, and G640 mouse pad, is not only stylish but truly badass. Best of all, they come with awesome bonuses as well. Buy any of the Battlefield 1 Edition peripherals and you’ll get an exclusive in-game weapon that will let you dish out the pain in style. Buy them all as part of a fantastic bundle and you’ll get the full version of the game as a sweet bonus.

In It To Win It

Adding the G810 keyboard or one of the other RGB enabled Logitech gaming keyboards will also ensure that your battle station is outfitted with the best gaming tech around. Features like multi-key rollover will ensure that your complex commands are correctly registered every single time while exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches provide smooth key movement to ensure battlefield mastery. And, of course, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the RGB color profiles every time you game.

Unlike other color enabled peripherals that use color as a decorative element, Logitech’s RGB enabled keyboards use it to augment and amplify your gaming experience. Immersion is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the gaming world, but it definitely applies to the RGB system. Imagine seeing actual red and blue flashing lights as you try to outrun the cops in Mafia III, or your vision filling with a dark, brooding red as your Civilization 6 empire enters into a state of war with a hostile neighbor.

Reach New Heights With Logitech

No matter how you cut it, Logitech’s gaming peripherals are the best way to bring your favorite games to life. The quality construction, gamer friendly features like the RGB color profiles, and the strength of the Logitech brand ensures that you’ll show up to the battle with the best equipment around.

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