Logitech Spotlight: the G433 and G233 – a new breed of gaming headsets


Logitech Spotlight posts are created in partnership with Logitech.

When it comes to high-quality gaming keyboards and mice engineered to deliver world class performance, Logitech G has you covered. And if you’re looking for a superb audio experience to complement your controls, look no further than the comfortable, feature-packed G433 and G233 headsets.

Featuring sports-mesh ear pads created for long gaming sessions, Logitech G’s G433 gaming headset boasts 7.1 surround sound positional audio that allows you to really get the best possible audio experience with your games. If you’re in the market for a slightly more cost friendly audio solution the G233 Prodigy is definitely worth picking up. Both the G433 and G233 come with built-in Pro-G audio drivers that deliver rich, booming, and exceptionally high-quality audio.

Check out the video above for a closer look at both headphones and visit the following pages to learn more about Logitech G’s G433 gaming headset and G233 Prodigy gaming headset.