The Long Dark gains the voice of Solid Snake: David Hayter

The Long Dark Hinterland David Hayter

Awesome news everyone. David Hayter – yes, that David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake – has signed up to lend his voice to The Long Dark. This is the same David Hayter who wrote the script for Watchmen (yes, really).

The man’s a little bit legendary.

Hinterland announced the news through their Kickstarter: “David Hayter Joins The Long Dark. One of the most celebrated voice actors in games today, David Hayter is best known for his over fifteen year role as the English voice of the iconic video game hero Solid Snake, from Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series

“David’s years of experience bringing the complex, multi-layered character of Solid Snake to life make him ideal for delivering the kind of deep, character-driven storytelling that players will discover in The Long Dark. We’re thrilled to have him join the cast!”

They don’t say whose voice he’ll be providing in the game but with any luck it will be the protagonist. If there’s anyone who will survive a frozen apocalypse it’s Solid Snake.

Hinterland have also released a video showing some of the moral choices you’ll be offered within the game:

It’s already reached its funding target but there’s still 16 hours left to pledge your support to The Long Dark if that is your want. It’s $7,000 shy of an extended soundtrack.