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Longsword Tabletop Tactics lets you virtually paint its miniatures


If you’re into tabletop gaming and miniatures, you’ll want to check out the curiousity that is Longsword Tabletop Tactics, a PC game where you collect, build, and even paint your own little arm of miniatures. 

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The game is currently up on Kickstarter, seeking a goal of $20,000 with 13 more days to go. Currently it’s sitting at nearly $6,000 at the time of writing. You can take your fighters and duke it out with others on a hex-based tabletop battlefield, where online combat is the key focus. If you’re more interested in a solo campaign that’s here for you as well.

There are several different miniatures arranged by rarity from Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Limited Edition, with various types of cards you can collect, and more. It’s not relegated to just fantasy, either, with the developers planning to create and release additional play sets on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

If you’ve dreamt of having an extensive miniatures collection or a way to take those kinds of games to online play, then you might consider backing the Kickstarter to see it come to fruition. It looks quite cute.