Relive the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings Online’s Legendary Worlds

Lord of the Rings Online gets "Legendary Worlds" this fall, letting players return to the earliest days of the MMO

Lord of the Rings Online is going back to its roots (insert Treebeard pun here). New servers, dubbed Legendary Worlds, will allow players both old and new to relive the game’s first journeys all over again.

Legendary Worlds seem to be vanilla servers, in which late-game content and expansions have been stripped out (think something like WoW Classic, which aims to take Blizzard’s MMO back to its early days, for reference). The new servers will let you start off on a new adventure through Middle-Earth, starting off in the footsteps of Gandalf, Frodo, and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring.

A press release issued by The Lord of the Rings Online’s developers says that Legendary Worlds will allow players to “relive the tales of Middle-Earth, chapter by chapter.” That means that content will unlock piece by piece, offering the perfect opportunity for new players to get into the MMO without getting overwhelmed by an enormous world. That said, there’s still plenty on offer if you’re a veteran player looking for a new challenge.

Legendary Worlds will begin at the opening of the game, and in the first instance will run until Angmar, with new regions and levels unlocking over time. There will, however, be races and classes that were introduced further into development. High-elves, Rune-keepers, and more will all be available as part of Legendary Worlds. You can check out an FAQ for all the content you’ll have access to here.

There’s no precise release date for Legendary Worlds just yet, but the devs say it’ll be kicking off “this fall,” so keep a look out over the next few weeks. The new servers will only be available for the game’s VIP and Lifetime VIP subscribers.