After 1 million bans, Lost Ark devs know bots are still a problem

Even after a massive ban wave, the Lost Ark devs are still making plans to fight the bot problem

A Lost Ark landscape empty of both players and bots

Lost Ark remains wildly popular on Steam, but the MMORPG is not without its issues – and one of the big one problems comes from bots. The devs have already banned a million bots, but in a new ‘top issues’ report, they acknowledge that this is just a first step. More bans are coming, as are some other changes to help stem the bot tide.

“Following this initial massive ban wave, we are continuing to regularly roll out additional bans to clear out more bots from the game,” the devs say in the announcement. “Beyond that, we are also working on internal methods and tools to make it much more difficult for bots to enter the game, especially at the current rate they are being created. These updates will soon be on their way to the game.”

The devs also note that they’ve changed some rapport and guide quest rewards from gold to silver in an effort to “prevent the abuse of these systems by botters and gold farmers”.

Today’s top issues report also notes that central European servers have seen reduced queues, which “is a result of a number of adjustments we’ve made in the background, including (but not limited to) improved game stability”.

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Lost Ark’s post-launch content updates are starting to arrive, and while the western version certainly isn’t at parity with the Korean original, the devs tell us that they aim to catch up “quickly”.