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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime’s intro cinematic is as lovely as you expected


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime has been floating around my Indie Games People Keep Mentioning list for a while, tantalisingly interesting sounding but utterly unplayable for anyone that doesn’t go to US conventions. Lovers, thankfully, is a lot closer now, with release set for two days away on the 9th of September. We’ve already had the launch trailer, now developers Asteroid Base have let the intro from the game out into the wild. It’s wonderfully colourful.

This game is so adorable I could die. The actual meat of the co-op spaceshipping sounds like my jam too, though I’m not sure how well the AI-partner will shape up against a game designed around two functioning human beings. Or gamers, anyway.

The plot outlined seems perfect for what is meant to be a pick up and play game that two people will be too busy shooting aliens to pay attention to. Light, fun and with just enough focus on the theme of companionship to be fitting. Plus, who doesn’t hate anti-love? It’s almost impossible not to. It’s green, for one thing – the categorically worst colour.

With release just around the corner, you can pick up lovers on Steamonce it’s out. Pre-orders were made available last month but seem to be down currently.