Oculus Rift update lays the groundwork for room-scale VR

Oculus Rift delays

In a bid to catch up with the HTC Vive, Oculus are preparing to add room-scale VR to their headset, with the aim of launching the new functionality alongside the Oculus Touch controllers in Q4.

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As TechCrunch reports, the update will enable users to connect multiple Oculus camera sensors to enhance movement tracking, with up to four sensors able to be connected.

The Vive offers only two tracking sensors, but it’s likely that most developers will be targeting two, thanks tojust one additional infrared sensor being included with the Touch controllers.

Compared to the Vive’s15×15 feet setup, the Oculus Rift’s room-scale will apparently allow for much tighter experiences. And if you do use four sensors, in theory it should be much more accurate than the Vive.

At the moment, Oculus don’t sell the camera sensors separately, so grabbing four of them would be pretty pricey, however.