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Lumo is an isometric love letter to '80s game development


Lumo is an isometric adventure from the mind of Gareth Noyce, a former Ruffian co-founder and now head of Lumo developer Triple Eh? Ltd. It's supposedly a modern take on the style, but also a love letter to the "golden age" of British game development. 

As a rotund kid with an oversized hat, you explore over 400 rooms, solving puzzles and seeking out secrets. Expect to mess with physics, materialise objects, dodge traps and do light platforming in this little adventure.

The game will be peppered with "subtle and not-so-subtle nods to the days of the UK’s Sinclair ZX Spectrum Personal Computer and beyond".

It sounds like a good one for that nostalgia trip for all you oldies out there. Yes, you. You are old. Sorry. 

The press release was really bigging the game up, calling it "the first great game of 2016", repeatedly. While the video looks pretty cool, it's a very bold statement to make.

The game will make its debut at EGX in September, but there's no release date announced as yet. My guess would be January 1 - that way it at least has a chance of being the first great game of 2016.

Decide if it could live up to the hyperbole by watching the trailer below:

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Hazbot avatarAnAuldWolf avatarHoloDust avatar
Hazbot Avatar
2 Years ago

Looks nice, isn't isometric though :P

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

It isn't, no. But doesn't it remind you of that 'almost isometric' that early 3D games trying to recapture this particular sub-genre used? I recall a lot of this. I think I am perhaps not having the nostalgia I'm supposed to be having. Or I maybe am. Though it is also entirely possible that I imagined the whole thing and that that period in and of itself was some kind of fever dream.

Anyway, all I recall about the home computer era is being a bloke pasting up posters in the middle of an alien invasion. Work has to be done and someone's got to do it, don'cha know? Odd thing. Maybe that's why it's stuck with me so and I remember it so vividly. Quite viral.

Anyone else remember that? Rushing over to the paste bucket, putting up those square pieces of a poster...

You probably feel even older, now.

HoloDust Avatar
2 Years ago

Lovely. For some reason first thing that came to my mind when I saw screenshot was Knight Lore - glad to see ZX games still influencing devs.