Lunar Flight update adds missiles to multiplayer – LRM for the LEM!


Lunar Module simulator Lunar Flight has gone landed itself an update, though it’s not exactly in keeping with the close-to-realism style of the rest of the game. It’s gone and strapped a set of missiles and countermeasures to the side of Nasa’s lander and allowed for the cumbersome craft to take part in a 16-player arena deathmatch on the moon.

See it in action in the trailer below.

According to developer Shovsoft, the multiplayer component for Lunar Flight has been in development for months and is just now coming out of beta on Steam. The update brings more than just the necessities of combat.

Here are the full contents:

  • Weapons Systems with Countermeasures

  • 2 Multiplayer Modes (Mission Score & Deathmatch)

  • Up to 16 Players

  • A New Multiplayer Leaderboard

  • Integrated Server Browser

  • New Difficulty Options

  • New Skill Based Scoring System

  • 10 New Multiplayer Specific Achievements

  • Performance Improvements up to (25%) Faster Rendering

  • Improved UI

  • Improved Special FX

  • Miscellaneous Polish & Bug Fixes

And, here’s another six minutes of the multiplayer in action:

Finally, some appropriate music to listen to while buying a copy of Lunar Flight: