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Play games to help fight cancer in Macmillan’s Game Heroes marathon

Why just play videogames, when you can play videogames for charity?

overwatch steam

Let’s all be honest with ourselves here – while some of us may have dreams of being extremely productive during our time at home in the weeks to come, there’s a very good chance we’re all just going to spend that time playing videogames. But that’s what Macmillan Cancer Support needs right now as part of its Game Heroes event.

Game Heroes asks individual players to set up a date for a 24-hour gaming marathons, gather sponsorships from friends and family, then simply sit down and play. You can stream the event, though you don’t need to – all that really matters is that you’re getting the word out and getting donations rolling in.

There’s no specific dates here, so you can sign up and run your event whenever works for you. Money goes to financial, physical, and emotional support for people living with cancer, and while there’s a novel health crisis going on at the moment, this sort of work is no less important right now.

Head to the official site to sign up, and get access to a load of resources to help you set up your event.