Mad Max trailer is best played with the sound off


Remember all those state-of-the-world voiceover speeches in Mad Max? Either they never existed or they’ve been washed off the side of my brain like plasters in the bathtub of time. So who’s this, doing their level best to distract me from the exciting goings-on in the new Mad Max trailer?

It’s not Mel, thankfully, but a nice lady who’s been given a dreadful script about some roads that “pave toward nowhere”. I expect ‘Nowhere’ will be an undiscovered location on our minimaps, then.

I’ve watched the trailer twice now, and managed to ignore the drone long enough to pick up on the salient points: noserings, and loads of cars.

Of course, there’s really no need to worry about the script. Avalanche’s previous would suggest that their skill in crafting open worlds is inversely proportional to their way with a cutscene: