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70 minutes of Mad Max game footage, plus the 30 second ad if you’re in a hurry


How much time do you have? How much do you want to know about the upcoming Mad Max game? I present two choices ahead of you, like some sort of video game. There is also a secret third option that gets the best of both worlds and everyone comes out the other side alive, but you can only get it if you’ve done all the optional extras. You did find the golden penguin hidden inside the PCGamesN source code, didn’t you?

Anyway, first for the bus/uncaring/lover of quick explosions, there’s the newly released ad that doesn’t show what it’s like to play, but does at least give you the general feel:

The general feel of explosions and driving, anyway. I don’t know how far into the plot most of these things occuring are, but the bulk of the game seems to take place while you have access to a car, so it’s probably an intro of some sort.

Moving on, Polygon have posted a 70 minute walkthrough of a latter part of the game. Consider this a spoiler warning for mechanical developments later on, even if they wisely avoid plot ones.

Quite a lot more meat here. I haven’t had the time to watch through it all – I live in a hellish, nebulous wasteland where I have more than enough time for a TV spot but less than 70 minutes to watch a trailer – but there’s quite a lot of detail about what you’re actually getting up to minute to minute. On-foot and car combat are both covered, along with how the map works and various progression paths.