Mad Max trailer takes to the road for some smash-and-dash action | PCGamesN

Mad Max trailer takes to the road for some smash-and-dash action

Mad Max

The Mad Max films feature massive chase sequences across the wasteland of Australia, so it’s no surprise that the bulk of Avalanche’s Mad Max game seems to be about hurling a beaten up muscle car through sand dunes and into other drivers. This new trailer does nothing to convince anyone otherwise. 

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Max’s iconic Interceptor is stolen from him in the game’s opening, but with the help of Chumbucket, Max will rebuild a new spike-adorned deathmobile. This ‘Magnum Opus’ will be upgradable as the game goes on. 

Mad Max releases September 1st.

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Kinth! avatarNihlusGreen avatarBLACK KNIGHT avatar
Kinth! Avatar
2 Years ago

I do wish they had stuck more to the colour palette of the film (I know it's not a film tie in, but most of the design is based on the new film). It looks a bit too grey at times.

Also Max's voice doesn't sound right. It's a bit too clean for a man who has spent years and years in a desert wasteland.

Other than that though this looks fantastic, will be picking it up if the PC version is decent.

NihlusGreen Avatar
NihlusGreen(3 days 3 hours played)
2 Years ago

The movie was incredible, I'm actually confident the game will be too......never thought I'd write that.

Was thinking of getting this on PS4, but ah the visuals wouldn't be anywhere near as good.

BLACK KNIGHT(1 day 16 hours played)
2 Years ago

Full on tingles watching this trailer. Can't wait.