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Mad Max visits some strongholds to smash war boy heads in new trailer

Mad max Strongholds

Poor old Max. All he wants to do is get around the wasteland without anyone annoying him or killing his family, but the gangs of the apocalypse just won’t leave him be. They insist on bashing his car and poking him with big sticks. So he’ll just have to find their strongholds and beat the crap out of their leaders. It’s a tough life for a mental ex-highway patrol cop. 

The new trailer is mostly cinematic, but shows Max heading out to the massive strongholds owned by the likes of Jeet, Gutgash, Pink Eye and Deep Friah. Apparently these strongholds hold the pieces essential to a puzzle he tries to solve, so I guess they’re instrumental to taking down big bad Scrotus.

Whilst clearly being a big open world game with lots of driving, Mad Max’s true form still feels a bit muddy. But with Strongholds being a part of the game, I’m starting to think it will be a bit like Shadows of Mordor on wheels. A nemesis system generating War Boys may be a bit too much to hope for, but taking down these ugly characters as we progress to the top to smash Scrotus in the face sounds like a journey I’m willing to participate in.

Mad Max releases September 1st.