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Mafia 3 now does frame rates above 30 fps with patch 1.0.1 release

Mafia 3 combat

The ‘cinematic’ golden age has come to an end for Mafia III on PC as patch 1.0.1 adds the ability to uncap frame rates, though you may need some beastly hardware to make use of it.

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If you’ve been struggling through 30 fps caps in the latest open world mobstering adventure, you’ll be happy to learn there are now 60 fps caps and an unlimited option.

Given the game’s slight propensity to being a bit of a mess in the performance department, be wary of what those options will do to your machine’s mileage. Whether that’s just a few more blurred textures popping in or sharp drops in fps, theofficial lineis: “Just make sure to tailor the framerate settings to the power of your machine.”

Also the patch will wipe your keybinds back to default, just so you’re aware. The team are apparently hard at work fixing some of theother bugs you may noticearound New Bordeaux, as well as getting some new features in like clothes and racing.