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Another violent Mafia 3 trailer shows the new mob’s rise to power

Mafia 3 new mob

Mafia 3’s new trailer shows us how protagonist Lincoln Clay plans to tear the mob down and keep them gone: by building his own empire right on the rubble. 

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As is tradition now with these Mafia 3 trailers, the kill count just keeps ticking up: a shotgun to the face here, a grenade launcher there, a fall from a skyscraper – splat – right in the street. But it’s not all about murdering everyone.

Alright, it is mostly about murdering everyone, but one of you mob bosses can send you cars, one can send you guns and another can get a street doctor to patch you up. That’s how mobs work, you see. Each person you manage not to piss off sends you useful stuff.

Hopefully there’s a bit more to it than that, but the trailer above doesn’t do the best job of getting that across if there is.

Mafia 3 releases in just a few days, October 7.