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Mafia 3 gets a free demo as its first story DLC, ‘Faster, Baby!’, goes live

Mafia 3 DLC Roadmap

A free demo has gone live for Mafia 3 on PC, showing off the entire first act of the open-world crime game. In other words: the only good bit is now free. It might even tempt you to pick up the full thing, only to discover the game never really delivers on the promise of its opening. 

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Still, 2K have a chance to redeem themselves, as the first story DLC for the game is now live. Faster, Baby! pits Lincoln Clay and his crew against a corrupt sheriff in a whole new town.

Sinclair Parish is a rural neighbourhood to the west of the Bayou, and the new location promises to test players’ stunt driving skills.

You can get Faster, Baby! for $14.99 on Steam. The demo should be on the page for the main game, which you’ll need to play the DLC anyway.

The other two pieces of story DLC, Stones Unturned and Signs Of the Time, are expected to launch this summer.